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Garage tips: How to keep your garage in order, don’t miss a thing!

Garage tips: How to keep your garage in order, don't miss a thing!

Garages have the propensity to become multi-purpose areas and tend to be very chaotic places, with all kind of stuff from several and variated other areas of the house, in a garage we can find toys, old clothes, tools, old furniture, discarded items and equipment, and much more, as you can imagine, in such disaster many things have the tendency to disappear.

So, how can we organize our garage and keep it organized? It is not a impossible mission, it can be done if we really try it and follow some tips from experts.

Tips to keep your garage in order

1- First, divide your garage in zones, start with four basic zones, like car supplies, sport equipment, tools and toys, for example, and while you are organizing and classifying items, you can set more zones as you see your needs.

2- Classify all the stuff, separate all the items you have in your garage in four basic groups, toss, keep, donate and trash, after donating, tossing and taking out the trash, divide the “keep” group into the zones you have already established.

3- Small tools and items, one of the most annoying and messy aspect of stored things are all the small things we often throw together into a box, making very hard to find a screw or a small wrench when we need them, there are some ideas for all those little things, you can use magnetic strips to keep organized and at hand reach metallic items like wrenches, screwdrivers, scissors, etc, another idea is use PVC pipes cut and fixed to the wall or a stripe of wood to put items with long shape, like brushes, screwdrivers, rug cleaning, etc. L

For small items like screws, nails, etc., use small containers, better if they are translucent.

4- Have you seen in hardware stores how everything is ordered?, you can do the same, use a pegboard and racks, use multi-use paper towel holders to keep organized and visible, thing with a hole like adhesive tape for example, you can use locked cabinets to store those dangerous items that should be out of reach of children.

5- Put the leftover paints in jars, that will save some serious space and looks more organized.

6- Use walls and ceiling, there are many space there waiting to be used, and there are many accessories that help you to use those spaces.

7- Bikes occupy a lot of space, hang them on walls.

8- Install fold-up work tables, you will appreciate the extra space.

9- Do a quick sweep periodically, as you need, remember, as often you do it, more easy and quick will be the cleaning work.

As you see, it is possible to keep your garage under control, so instead to call a towing company to get out all the stuff of your garage, take some heavy-duty trash bags, a powerful vacuum and a broom and star to clean.